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Welcome to Binnacle Press!
Binnacle Press is a catalogue of novels, short story collections, poetry and much more. We feature the work of authors and poets from all over the world and many names here will be new to you, so take your time and browse, you never know what treasures you may find... 
NEW for June is our Binnacle News section which features our Newletter and The Ten Second Interview section - this month why not get into the heads of Binnacle Press listed authors Simon Murphy, Brenda Townsend and D.A De Lacy... if you dare!


Book of The Month

Book of the month click here to learn more about David Gardiner and The Rainbow Man and Other Stories or click the image to buy direct from the Publishers.
"Nothing is as it seems and the more mundane the surface, the more layers there appear to be; we are talking about a true literary onion here,  multi-layered and quite able to bring tears to your eyes."
Binnacle Press - 2004


If you wish to purchase any of the books you see at Binnacle Press, you have several options. In the main, you can click on the image provided by the author and you will be taken to where the book is sold, such as their own website or an online store provided by an author's publisher.  In addition a growing number of our authors are available at either or and these links are clearly displayed. 


If you would like to see your work featured on Binnacle Press or would like more information, see Authors/submissions


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